Facet Dysfunction Treatments Testimonials

Before facet joint injection treatment, I couldn’t walk very far or stand for any period of time. The pain in my shoulders and lower back were severe.

Following treatment, I’m able to stand and walk better. I have no pain in my right should or right hip. My back is much better and with ongoing treatment, I’m sure it will be fine too.

Everyone at Premier Vein and Pain Center were professional and helpful. I appreciate the service and care from the Bridgeport office. Drs. Timo and Julie Quickert are the best and have fantastic nurses and lab professionals.

– Roherte M.

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Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Testimonials

I had to have my right knee drained of fluid every 3 months. Not only from arthritis but I suffered from gout also.

After Dr. Quickert did the stem cell procedure on my knee and right thumb, I was completely free from pain and have been over 3 months. God bless this doctor! And his knowledge!

I can walk great now and back to normal. Love telling my friends and different ones about the stem cell procedure. It is the coming thing for quick relief!

I have given Dr. Quickert’s name and phone number to several people so they can come for help. Also my son will be coming to him very soon. Love this doctor!

– Bonita M.

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Varicose Veins Testimonials

My experience with Premier Vein and Pain Center was wonderful.  The professional approach and care from the doctors and staff is why I am writing this note. Walking into the medical field can sometimes be scary when you do not know what to expect. They cared about me as a person, not just as a patient. I was well educated on the important health aspects of my needed procedure to be able to go forward with my treatment. I am doing well.  Thank you for being there for me.

– Patricia K.

For over 10 years my legs were tender, hurt and bruised easily. They felt heavy, looked heavy and I had swollen ankles. Sleeping was even difficult because I couldn’t let my legs touch together without causing pain.

It felt like I was gathering mud or cement on the bottoms of my feet with each step I was taking. This ultimately made my legs feel dramatically heavier with each step. Every step got harder and heavier and even affected my breathing and energy level. I couldn’t keep up with anyone and had to take breaks and sit down to give my legs a rest. I got exhausted walking very far and was nervous about trying to walk long distances because I knew I had to turn around and walk back to where I started.

Going up and down stairs was equally as difficult and I avoided them as much as possible. This problem definitely affected my life every day and limited what I could do and where I could go. It was like being house bound.

I was encouraged to go to Dr. Quickert for a consultation. Recommendation was for ablation therapy for treatment of symptomatic varicose veins. My left leg was considerably worse than my right leg. The procedure would relieve the backflow pressure of blood causing my varicose veins.

My first procedure was in February and within hours of the same day, I could tell that my legs felt lighter. I was skeptical that this procedure would really make much of a difference, but every day my legs continued to get noticeably better and I could also walk further distances. My follow-up evaluation was a month later. The ultrasound evaluation indicated further treatment was necessary. Sclerotherapy treatment was recommended which destroys any remaining varicosities. The results after this visit wasn’t as aggressively noticeable at first but was evident as the days passed. My next appointment was in April and results definitely looked really good. It was determined to continue to let my legs heal and make another follow-up for the following month.

Would I do it again? Was it worth it? Has it truly made a difference? Absolutely!!!

I wish I had known this procedure was available years ago. I would not have had to suffer with this pain as long as I have.

Thank you Dr. Quickert for giving me relief and changing my life immensely. Thank you to all the staff who was so caring, kind and professional, especially Heather. Thank you also for making this a comfortable and encouraging experience.

– Linda B.

For years I have been suffering from lower back pain and had issues with my legs but always contributed it to the hard work that I have put my body through the past 40 years. It wasn’t until recently that my legs got to a point that I couldn’t even stand on them by the end of the day. On my own I started to wear compression stockings but that would only take the edge off of my symptoms. My symptoms were: heavy, tired, achy legs, full of pressure, and in the end, would have acute pain across my anterior foot. Since I have had my legs treated by Dr. Quickert, I no longer have the heavy achy feelings in my legs and the greatest part that I would have never expected is that my back feels much better. If I could go back and have this procedure done, I would have done it years go, but now that I have been treated I feel like I have a new pair of legs. I am able to work longer and be up on my feet longer with no pain. I will be looking forward to summer to actually enjoy my yard work again without having the pain in the legs/feet and lower back. I would highly recommend anyone with my symptoms to go see Dr. Quickert.

– Sherry H.

Overall, life was good but the legs were not. Didn’t feel like a part of me. Heavy cramps and just ugly looking. Years of high heels and concrete floors. Also more concerned about past family history. Both my mother and her mother had lead veins and also suffered from strokes.

From the very beginning quality of service was wonderful. The pre-exam to determine my needs was most interesting. The care when I came in for treatment again was most informative. You all were very professional, informative and yet very personal. Wonderful!

After the treatment I have more energy because the legs are not so heavy. The legs are looking better but would like work on them. Overall, the legs are much better.

Thank you.

– Diana B.

Dear Dr. & Mrs. Timo Quickert,

Thank yo so much for all that you did for me with both surgical procedures that you did on each of my legs. So appreciate your competency, care and communication. I commend you both!

Your thorough planning, preparation and organization before, during and after each procedure was exemplary. Also, I believe you are most fortunate to have such a fine, fine team member in Heather. Her care, knowledge and bedside manner was tremendous.

Again, thank you for providing such excellent treatment for my varicose vein disease, as well as, for the all important “care” of the patient.

James S.

Epidural Steroid Injections Testimonials

A quick note on my experience at Dr. Quickert’s office.  I have had 6 back injections with little or no pain and have had excellent results. I would highly recommend Dr. Timo Quickert and his professional staff.  He also does four or five other procedures. One is a fairly new blood plasma injection that heals the area.  I am thinking about this injection for my shoulder.  Please checkout Dr. Quickert and his professional staff. He may be able to help.

– Dennis L.

Vertebroplasty Testimonials

I recently had an experience that I never dreamed could happen.  I am 85 and have a bad back so my doctor referred me to Dr. Quickert.

For years my husband kept telling me to “straighten up, your back is getting humped over” so I tried to hold my shoulders back but was getting worse.

Dr. Quickert had me get an MRI at the hospital.  The first visit he inserted a needle into my back which contained a cement mixture.  It went into a fractured vertebrae.  He let it set and I walked out of his office with a straight back and 1-2” taller.  This was my miracle!

– Barbara R.